Endless Oceans

Bonus Session IV: The Naga Mother

Location: Tel Ferra

After depositing Keenan and Kyria back at their home, the party decided to wander the island for a bit, searching for things to kill time while they recuperated from their battles on the Kinfolk prison. While exploring a nearby forest, they stumbled upon a massive gemstone, roughly the size of a human head, glinting in all possible colors wherever light struck it. Immediately fascinated by it (and its potential worth), the group pocketed it with the intention of bringing it back to town to sell. Unfortunately, once they had the egg, they found that the forest wasn’t so keen on letting them go. After wandering around in circles that looked like straight lines, the party decided that they had done something wrong, and when they were considering putting the gem back, they were attacked by a Naga woman, a sorceress who nearly destroyed them before they informed her that they were unaware of the what the gem actually was, since it was an egg. Her egg, to be exact.

She told them, after calming down, that she had been attacked by poachers who had been killing her young, leaving only herself, one live child, and her last egg. She also mentioned that she was the brother of Rasisstha, the warden of the Kinfolk prison. Apparently, he was adopted. The party agreed to help her find and eliminate the ‘slayers’, as Nasissra, the Naga woman, called them.

Returning to the town, the party gathered information among the local hunters and people of the village, trying to find information about the hunters. Eventually, they found out that the there had been Gnoll hunters making odd trips into dangerous sections of the forest, the same section that Nasissra lived in. With the assistance of Garret “Nine”, they managed to track down the Gnoll hunters, leading Nasissra to them. The Gnolls attempted to kidnap Nasissra’s daughter, but the party would have none of that, chopping off the Gnoll’s hand and assisting Nasissra in eliminating the rest of the Gnolls. Nasissra collected her daughter from the party, and told them to return the next day, when she would have a suitable reward for them.

The next day, the party returned to Nasissra, who gave them a suitable reward indeed; a scale that she said would allow them to contact her if need be, which she gave to Tesla. Their sidequest complete, the party went on their way.



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