Endless Oceans

Bonus Session VI

A quick distraction. The devastating Sea Serpent!

Location: High seas, Boethia

As the party sailed on the high seas, Aoife enjoying her new boat while Euphie and Tesla worked on repairing the Alchemical Golem, the ship’s obsidian plate showed an odd display; a flashing yellow light over a nearby island, with the words “warning”, and “interest” blinking over it. Deciding that it was worth a small detour to continue their exploration of the world (despite Tesla’s vehement disagreement), Aoife changed course to the new island. Yorrick remained ambivalent about the whole thing, except for the Golem. That creeped him out.

Upon their arrival to the new island, they found a huge city that spanned the entire island, and actually extended past the actual bounds of the land. But that wouldn’t have been too terribly odd, had it not been for the enormous sea serpent that was threatening a nearby section of the island. Aoife managed to see a young man trying to reason with it, and apparently succeed, causing the serpent to retreat back into the ocean. Then, during their approach to the island, the same young man (who was apparently a gnome) leaped onto their boat with the help of his enormous fish-wolf.

After a brief and somewhat tense conversation with Murian, the Guardian of the island and also the liaison with its giant ocean snake protector, the party docked at the island, going to explore the new land. Nothing of any real consequence occurred, although Murian had a hell of a time figuring out what was going on with Jormungand. When he went to see the President of the island, he was disappointed to find that the President’s choice of action was to eliminate Jormungand from the equation entirely, citing that they “didn’t need a serpent guardian anymore”. Murian was, naturally, a bit displeased by this turn of events.

However, his morose wandering led him back to the party, whom he decided were excellent choices to help him out with his sea serpent problem. Unfortunately, said problem had just decided to rear its ugly head, as the ground began to shake, destabilizing the city. Murian immediately dove to the water with his sea-wolf, heading straight down towards Jormungand’s cove, but was interrupted by Jormungand himself rushing up to the surface. He grabbed onto Jormungand’s skin, and was dragged along with him when he broke the surface, attacking the city itself.

A heated battle with the serpent itself ensued, with Murian attempting vainly to calm it down while the others whittled away at the enormous monster. Eventually their efforts were rewarded as the beast decided to retreat, with Murian (or rather, his wolf) and Yorrick hanging on for dear life. Tesla and Aoife also decided to go after them, with Euphie taking the land route. They all ended up in an underground cove, deep beneath the island. Jormungand himself slumped over in the water, collapsing under the weight of his injuries, as well as something else; a Topaz growth on his back that Tesla immediately recognized, and the others didn’t take long to remember the parasite that overtook its victim’s bodies.

Running out of options and out of time before Jormungand succumbed to the crystal, Murian ordered his wolf to return to the surface for other priests while he attempted to remove the crystal growth with magic. Amazingly, his attempt actually succeeded, but only partly. As the crystal fell off of Jormungand’s back, it collected itself beneath the water of the cove and rocketed up to the ceiling, becoming a pair of immense crystalline dragons! The pair leaped upon the party, engaging in a battle that the party managed to win, but not perfectly (though Yorrick wasn’t terribly hurt).

The parasite destroyed, Jormungand thanked the party for their intervention, and Murian for not losing faith in him, presenting the party with one of his fangs, a tool to summon him if necessary. The party and Murian returned to the surface to find Boethia still in the midst of recovering from Jormungand’s initial attack, and were greeted by the president, who insisted that Murian head down and eliminate Jormungand at once. Murian responded by smacking the president in the face with his staff, which earned him immediate retaliation from the president’s guards. The president called off his guards quickly, recollecting himself in front of the party, who then proceeded to explain what had happened down in the cove.

After describing the topaz parasite and the involvement of the Lizardfolk, the President agreed to look into this, and asked if they could bring the only known survivor of this plague, Kyria, to Boethia for questioning. They agreed to do so, and once again set on their way.



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