Endless Oceans

Session 21 (Level 10)

Lifting the Veil

Location: Co’erla; Uneinnehmbar

Standing in the late queen’s mansion with a dead Drow and a confused prince, the party confided in his Highness Manuel everything that had happened and everything they knew, starting with their actual identities. The prince seemed oddly accepting of this, but the party chalked it up to a symptom of living in a kingdom largely populated by mages. He told them that he had also seen odd things happening, and asked if they knew any possible causes, anything odd they had seen. They realized that Akira’s presence in the kingdom could be considered odd, and the prince agreed. He told them that Akira had been going through all the major cities, acting as a sort of foreign political adviser, and that the White Clad had been acting oddly since his arrival. Upon telling them this, he recommended that they find Inspector Petrus, who would be able to assist them in investigating Akira, and determining his guilt, or lack thereof.

Unfortunately, getting to the inspector would not be an easy task. With the White Clad looking for them, the group could not walk the streets safely. Manuel told them that he would be able to stymie the White Clad for a time, but he would need time to prepare. He told them that they had the house to themselves for the night, and if they needed anything, his butler Sebastian would be more than glad to accommodate them. So the group set about exploring the house, and found that in every room they checked, Sebastian was there waiting for them. No matter where they went, he was there. They decided to stop checking this, and just accept it as a matter of fact.

The next day, they had free run of the city due to Manuel running interference, and managed to get to the Police station without too much trouble. Aofie, Tesla, Yorrick, and Adelaide went inside while Euphie and Harken waited by the door, then quickly got distracted enough to go do their own things. In the station, Aofie managed to speak to the Inspector, but was distracted when none other than Akira strode out of his office, barely offering the party a passing glance, despite Tesla’s glare. After he left, Harken followed him back to one of the houses on a nearby street, though he chose not to pursue further.

Upon meeting with Petrus, the group found him to monumentally unhelpful, refusing to listen to them. However, during the exchange, Tesla noticed something odd; a faint red-gold aura hanging about him, clashing his with own deep blue. Upon relaying this message to the others after their departure, they decided to confer with Halvard and Nyarai back the mansion to plan their next move.

Once there, they decided to call Petrus to the house in an attempt to have Nyarai determine what had happened to him. After some deliberation and argument, they went ahead with the plan. Once in the house, Petrus was less than pleased to find a Drow there, and threatened to arrest them all for suspicion of smuggling a Drow into the city. A brief but heated battle in the hallway ensued, ending with Petrus unconscious on the sitting room sofa, with Sebastian lifting the curse on him.

While Sebastian ran to fetch Manuel, the party interrogated Petrus, now in his right mind, who said that he believed that Akira had enchanted him. With the crime of controlling an Inspector under his belt, the party believed that they could at least stop Akira for a time. They, their companions, Manuel, and Petrus all went to confront Akira, who Manuel said was meeting with his father soon, if not now.

They entered the Audience Chamber, throwing open the doors and shouting “J’accuse!” in an appropriately dramatic fashion, and proceeded to engage in a debate with both king Anselm and Akira, attempting to convince the king of Akira’s treachery. They had just managed this, with the king about to order Akira’s arrest when Akira declared that the king had broken his vow, whereupon the king collapsed on the ground in front of his throne.

Akira turned to the party, announced his intention to kill them, and shattered the world around them, bringing them into a different world of his own creation. A fierce battle ensued, where the party just barely managed to emerge victorious. Upon Akira’s defeat, the world he created was split in two, and the party found themselves back in the audience chamber, where everyone else was just waking up…



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