Endless Oceans

Session 22 (Level 10 &1/3)

Beginning the Journey Anew

Location: Co’erla; Uneinnehmbar

After Akira’s crushing defeat, the party was returned to reality, where the king, Manuel, and the various attendants in the audience chamber were awakening. The king demanded to know what had just happened, and while the party explained as best they could with their limited knowledge of the situation, but the king, still exhausted from his ordeal, the king ordered them away while he rested, telling them to return the next day.

The party retired to the late queen’s manor, staying only briefly before they returned to 413 Rudiger Boulevard, where Harken had seen Akira enter. With little to go on, they entered the house, somewhat surprised to see Kiyami already there, rooting through Akira’s belongings! She told them that she was surprised and impressed that they had defeated Akira, and asked them if they’d be interested in ridding the world of him for good. Apparently, Kitsunes, and Akira in particular, have a habit of preparing for any eventuality, and Kiyami believed that he had a backup plan in place for his own death. She informed them that there was an island to the Northeast, a place of great power where Akira would probably have made his sanctuary. As they showed her their map, she confirmed that this island was in fact their original destination, and she told them to make haste; Akira could come back at any time, and he’d likely be stronger next time. After refusing the offer of another pact from her, she vanished into thin air, and the party resumed ransacking Akira’s home for useful items. After finding their fill of useful things, they retired back to the manor for a well-deserved night’s sleep. Nyarai seemed terribly angered by something, and declared that she would be gone before the morning. She refused to state what had angered her so much, only that it was not the party, though they were the easiest targets.

After Harken’s night-time excursion that nearly gave Aofie a heart attack, the next morning found the group making their way back to the palace, where king Anselm had prepared a massive ceremony, rewarding the brave heroes for their actions in defense of the crown, and the entire nation of Co’erla. Bestowing upon them medals to prove their heroism, and gifts of great power, the ceremony concluded with a length history of and a great deal of praise for Co’erla, which Manuel chose to ignore, leading the party away. After giving them a brief farewell, Manuel saw them off towards their ship, giving them free passage to Stadt der Recht.

Unfortunately, as has become the norm for the party by now, getting on the ship wouldn’t be so easy. They were distracted by a young woman wearing a red trench coat and fedora, who introduced herself as Altear, and told them that what they were doing would be the next step, the next chapter of their story. But before they left, she would have to test them, to ensure that they were strong enough. After a brief but fierce battle outside the city, she decided that they did indeed have sufficient strength to overcome the challenges to come, and sent them on their way. But right as she left, she seemed to forget herself for a moment, and in that moment the party was overcome by a deep, primal fear, such that they had never felt before. Deciding that pursuing this was really not worth it, they left that behind, choosing instead to empty the bank account of the noble that they had murdered previously to get Adelaide back, for the impressive sum of 8,000 platinum pieces. After a brief moral struggle, they decided to keep the money.

Once back on the boat, there was a brief bout of trouble with the imprisoned White Clad, as well as fixing Kaliska, who, through an experimental medical procedure, became horse-sized. But all hijinks aside, the group was happy to be back on their ship, and back on their way. The ocean stretched out before them, with all of its endless possibilities.



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