Endless Oceans

Session 23

Tearju in distress! The Ghost Ship returns!

Location: High Seas, Ghost Ship

After finally leaving Co’erla and Dan’kym behind, the party was glad to be back on the seas, where they belonged. However, their good time was not to last. Only a week after setting sail, they came upon a terrible storm, bad enough to make them change course to the west to avoid it. However, even worse than the storm was the fog bank they saw rolling towards them at unnatural speeds. Remembering their last encounter with a fog bank and how it ended, they quickly moved away from it, but found it following them at every turn. Eventually the fog bank caught up to them, disguised in invisibility, and as the enormous, dilapidated ship that they feared came towards them, they saw a new sight; a crowd of dancing ghosts, surrounding the nightmarish sight of Tearju kneeling helplessly as her soul was crucified above her. The party decided that they couldn’t just leave her to whatever fate awaited her, and so they steeled themselves to once again enter that hell of a ship.

After boarding the ship and eliminating the ghosts surrounding her, the party freed Tearju from her trap, learning that she had come to eliminate the undead horror of the ship itself. Finding some common ground in a hatred of the undead, the party agreed to assist her in this endeavor. And so, with Tearju in tow, they managed to once again fight their way through the halls of the terrible vessel.

Though this time was different in several ways. For one, the ship was now sentient. The vampire that they had killed before had apparently revived the ship through his own power, becoming one with it, giving him the power to manipulate the ship in any way he wished, which he proved by creating spikes to impale the party. It did fortunately little damage, and they continued downward, into the heart of the ship, where Tearju said she could destroy it once and for all.

At the bottom of the ship, the party found a huge ballroom (that most certainly was NOT there last time), where another huge crowd of the dancing ghosts was found. They somehow pulled Tesla and Yorrick into their unending dance, who managed to make the best of it through dancebattling. The rest of the group remained unaffected, and were able to to eliminate the crowd with some trouble, but nothing too terrible.

It wasn’t until they reached the heart of the ship that things got terrible. After breaking through the floor of the ballroom, they found themselves in a room of trophies, which the ship had apparently stolen from people it had destroyed. Tearju told them to leave it to her, and the party ran through a tunnel of the ship’s making, escaping only by a hair’s breadth as the vampire-ship tried everything it had in its arsenal to stop them, while beams of pure sunlight began to stream out from it from Tearju as she broke the ship to pieces. They had just escaped the ship, finding safety back on their own ship as the entire vampire-ship collapsed in on itself, broken apart by the beams from Tearju, who rose much as an angel from the wreckage of the ship.

After being recovered from the ocean by Harken and Yorrick, Tearju thanked the party for their assistance, and expressed regret that they existed on opposite sides. She refused to elaborate about exactly what conflict they were opposed on, instead choosing to leave immediately, despite the party’s urging to the contrary. Watching her leave on her silver wings, the party once again wondered what conflict would bring an obvious warrior of the light to combat them.



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