Endless Oceans

Session 26

A world made by Dragons? The Startling Revelation!

Location: Kerej Karienth, Deep Sea, Hrafnheim

Vimal had promised them knowledge. And, though cryptically, he delivered. He told the party that he was an Ideal, a being of infinite power and perfection, whom the merfolk had begun worshiping as the corrupted image of Gystorrel. His name was Gystorrel’Karienth, and he told the party that, annoying mortals that they were, they had been lured here by Kiyami, who was irked at being sold out by her current employer. Gystorrel began a back-and-forth with Yorrick, who attempted to get as much information out of him as possible as well as distracting him from Harken, who had made his way to Kiyami.

Once he had reached her, they made a deal; one year from each of their lives in exchange for taking them back to their ship. Kiyami stole them away from the clutches of Gystorrel, who was understandably upset, and whisked them away through her own pocket dimension back to their ship, which currently lived at the bottom of the ocean, as little more than a wreckage. While Aoife had a small breakdown regarding this, the rest of the party went through the wreckage, searching for any sign of dead crew members. Seeing no one but the husk of an Alchemical Golem (which Euphie kept because of reasons), the party made their way up to the surface to see if there was any nearby land.

Though the ocean stretched on for miles around, a reassuring voice in their heads, a familiar voice, told them all that a Cavisek city was nearing, and would be able to pick them up. The voice also added that she would be on the city, and that she owed them answers. After waiting on the ocean surface for about another half hour, the floating Cavisek city-ship of Hrafnhiem approached, and took them aboard, though they did seem a little awkward about it. The party was taken to visit the Stormcaptain, an incredibly intimidating Cavisek by the name of Halbjorn, who decided that the party could stay as long as they wished.

The party was then called out to the edge of the city, where the woman in red waited for them. She introduced herself as Kynaltairnagoth, and told them that she was a being like Gistyorrel’Karienth, who entered this plane of existence at its creation, which they and six others were apparently responsible for! They were called Dragons, and each one was immensely powerful, with strength rivaling even that of a God. Kyn explained that the eight of them were playing a Game, played with an entire world, with mortal races and entire cultures acting as pieces. The party were pieces of exceptional power, called Exarchs, though they had been unaware of their status, due to Kyn’s devotion to the ideal of Independence. Kyn told them that now that they were aware of their status, they could either choose to continue playing under Kyn’s guidance, or quit the Game and live more ordinary lives.

After this revelation and a surprise visit by Kiyami, the party chose to relax in their own ways while they decided on their courses from here on. Harken and Aoife went drinking at the inn, Euphie and Yorrick went shopping, and Tesla sat on the edge of the city-ship, watching the ocean pass by. This was not a decision to be made lightly.



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