Endless Oceans

Session 27

A big decision? We'll never stop going forward!

A quiet night reigned in Hrafnheim. The party went their separate ways, shopping, exploring, musing, and were only somewhat surprised to find Evelyn’s pirate band, or at least three of them, including Evelyn herself! She apologized to Harken for the inconvenience her actions caused the party, though she refused to apologize for her actions themselves. The rest of the party was out shopping with Liam, finding various magical trinkets that suited their fancy, though none seemed to really intrigue Euphie. They also brought Tesla to meet the Sylph bookseller, though that was kind of awkward. They got a new location out of it, at least!

That night brought a great deal more excitement. While Harken, unable to sleep, paced the hallway, a voice called to him, telling him that he didn’t belong here. It said that if he didn’t leave soon, he would be killed, and it was giving him fair warning. Sufficiently freaked out by the voice, Harken awoke Aoife and Euphie, with the commotion from that bringing up a servant boy from downstairs. The servant boy probably would have gone unnoticed, had Harken not seen a magical aura emanate from him. As it was, the faint film of blood-red coming from him tipped Harken off to the boy’s true nature. After he, Euphie, and Aoife managed to convince Crimson to drop his act, he returned to his original, unremarkable form, telling them that he had been sent to gather intel, and also to “have a little fun”. He invited the party to stay for the fun if they so chose.

After Crimson’s exit, the party debated on what to do next, trying to decide whether to leave now or wait until morning. While the party discussed, Euphie became distracted by a cat flitting across the rooftops, surrounded by a golden aura. Chasing it down, the cat began speaking to her, making a deal while hinting at powers even beyond the dragons that were acting in the world. Euphie accepted, and with the cat and a new power in tow, returned to the group. The party decided to stay the night, due to exhaustion.

In the morning, the party went out towards their ship, but were distracted by a young Cavisek in priest’s robes running towards the Stormcaptain’s hall. Following him, they found the Stormcaptain leaving his hall on the warpath with the young priest quivering in fear behind him. Upon questioning the priest, they discovered that the High Shaman had been killed in the night. Realizing that the shipwrecked travelers may be looked at somewhat suspiciously for being in town right before the High Shaman was murdered, they decided that it was now a good time to leave. Euphie disagreed, following the Stormcaptain under a guise of invisibility to figure out what had happened. She arrived to find a very quiet scene, with the High Shaman’s blood scattered around in the shape of a pair of claws, not unlike sickles.

She returned to the group and reported her findings, and they went off to find their boat. Kyn found them, and led them toward their new vessel, a glorious red and silver galleon adorned with a draconic figurehead. They explored the new ship, agreeing that it was in fact the most amazing thing they’d ever seen. And, once again, setting off to sea, they resolved to see this Game through, no matter what it took.



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