Endless Oceans

Session 28

A soap opera? Tensions run high!

Location: Tel Ferra

After leaving Boethia, the party was reinvigorated with new purpose. They had a new goal in mind, and they knew how to go about it. So, with the intent of gathering Kyria to provide testimony against the Kinfolk, the party made their way back to Tel Ferra, one of the few familiar AND friendly places they knew of.

Once they had arrived, it all seemed quite pleasant. Meeting Keenan again was a happy occasion, with Tesla being overjoyed at seeing her lover again, and he even brought them Halvard, who had come to Tel Ferra in hopes of seeing the party again. As Tesla and Keenan celebrated their reunion, the rest of the party caught Halvard up on what had happened to them. He listened intently and told them that Syfalia assumed them dead, though the monarchs would certainly be glad to be wrong on this account. However, through this, Harken’s mind was elsewhere, as he knew what he had to do was going to complicate matters. In an attempt to clear his head, he decided to go on a walk outside the city, hoping also to catch sight of Tearju, who had been spotted in the area recently.

While Harken found no sight of Tearju, he managed to catch a trail regardless; not of her, but rather her magical signature, a unique mix of blue and silver. He followed it down the road a ways, making a remarkably straight path, but found that it randomly stopped at a point in the road. Fortunately, it was not without marks; Tearju had left calculations on the road, a physics equation that seemed to be calculating the location of an island to the Southwest. Syfalia.

Harken immediately returned to the party with the news, but was crestfallen when Aoife refused to believe him. There was no definite proof of this, and Aoife wanted concrete evidence of Tearju’s passing before she abandoned her current mission. Harken, felling downtrodden, left again for some black man thinkin’ time.

However, he found that he was still not alone. While sitting on a bench near the edge of town, a young girl found him, introducing herself as Aelita. She spoke to him at length about why he was sitting alone, what had happened, and why he was sad. She had a youthful, innocent take on things, and she urged him to be happy. After all, he looked like he deserved it. Yorrick watched this uneasily from a nearby tree. but said nothing to interrupt.

Meanwhile, Kyria had returned from a caravan trip, and was ecstatic at the thought of seeing Harken again. As he walked back from his thinkin’ time, she ran to meet him and embraced him, but noticed that something seemed off. He told her that he had to speak with her privately, and the rest of the party watched them walk off somewhat uneasily. In the meantime, Aoife and Euphie had been discussing Tearju’s appearance, and what that could mean. Halvard volunteered to perform an Augury for them, which they accepted. Any view of the future, no matter how vague, could be useful.

Halvard returned with a rather unsettling prophecy: Four black beasts striking at a silver tower, and a bolt of lightning that strikes the base of the tower, frightening the four beasts and seeming to fight them itself. And then, separately, five islands, connected by a web-like network of bridges, with three of the bridges breaking off and collapsing. Aoife and Euphie considered the importance of these bridges, as well as the beasts, as they brought their discussion to the nearby inn.

But with Harken and Kyria, things weren’t going nearly as well, if much clearer. Harken informed Kyria that there was no longer any fire in their relationship, and Kyria didn’t take it well. Harken attempted to argue his point unsuccessfully, which only succeeded in angering Kyria further. Their discussion became more and more of an argument until it culminated in Kyria telling Harken to leave. She turned aside as Harken walked back to embrace her one last time, which was the final straw. Kyria sank her fist into Harken’s gut, telling him once again to leave, and to do it before she took out her blade.

Meanwhile, Aoife was pouring out her troubles to Jelani, a young Drow who was on the run because he could Shadowcast (men aren’t allowed to be Shadowcasters in Drow society), while Euphie watched with some amusement. Despite this, they still heard Kyria return, slamming the door to her and Keenan’s home, and they saw Tesla being kicked out momentarily with Keenan dealt with whatever just happened. The three of them stood in shocked silence for a while until Keenan came out again, telling them that Kyria was incredibly upset, and that it might be better for them to come back later. Realizing the futility of asking her to get on a ship with Harken, they decided to give her some time for things to cool down between the two of them. Then Tesla announced she was staying in Tel Ferra!

So Aoife and Euphie went to go collect Harken and Yorrick, deciding that it would be better to leave sooner, rather than later. They found the two of them wandering around the forest and the town, respectively, and took their leave, greatly distressed over the general state of things.



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