Lyfnathtyrianag's Exarch, and a talented Binder


An unassuming girl in her late teens, Breena’s dark hair and eyes completely fail to command attention. Somewhat plain features and a withdrawn attitude contribute to this, and she perfectly content to fade into the background.

She has been said to be a Binder, and though the exact nature of her powers are unknown, they seem widely varied. They at least include teleportation, stealth, bird summoning, and the ability to sprout wings, and they oddly function even within Antimagic fields.


Recognizably a Half-Drow, Breena was likely ostracized from the cultures of both human and Drow, and probably fled Dan’kym much like Jelani. She seems well-spoken and intelligent, but seems to be the preferred member of the group to speak to others, shown by her being the one to contact Aoife at the end.


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