An Exarch, and a fearsome assassin of the Red Mantis


An Assassin of some level, he is known to be skilled at combat, though the extent of his abilities are as of yet unknown. It can be safely theorized that his skills are best suited to assassination, and not outright combat.

He is also known to be somewhat adept at magic, capable of transforming his appearance and his body, as well as flight. He is also extremely adept at stealth, though whether that is due to magic or just skill has yet to be seen.


Appearance: He has appeared in three main guises so far:

  • A young man of completely forgettable features, such that most notice just passes straight over him. His eyes are neutral, and his hair is hair-colored.
  • A more pleasant form, with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He took this form in Co’erla, and probably uses it for nice social interaction.
  • A red-eyed form with jet black hair. He took this form in Vol Torren when he ran around killing people. Notably, this form also had razor-sharp teeth. It can be assumed that this is his “killing” form.

In each form, he is a tall and well-muscled human male who has a varying array of weaponry on his person. His mannerisms are usually curt and prompt, and he generally avoids most social interaction, preferring to skulk around in the background. He has been described as a “believer”, but what exactly it is that he believes in has yet to be seen. He is an incredibly dangerous individual, and is to be treated as such.

P.S. He flirts with Aoife all the time. Don’t know what’s up with that.


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