An exceptionally skilled healer and storm mage, Halvard promises to be a Cavisek of great renown - if he can ever get back home, that is.


A member of the Cavisek race-a species of sentient, bipedal otters-Halvard is a young and timid person, still wary of the world and its dangers. His caution belies his incredible skill with nature and healing-based magic, which he has used before to great advantage. His skills have already overshadowed the Silver Arrow’s own ship mage in the areas of both Wind and Sea control.

Halvard is a weak-looking Cavisek, as his focus on magical and spiritual studies keeps him from being able to work on martial endeavors. Covered from head to foot in short brown fur, Halvard is particularly cuddly and soft, but reserves touching privileges for only his closest friends, who are frequently also the the people whose lives he saves the most often.


The recently revealed son of Stormcaptain Halbjorn, Halvard is a young Cavisek just trying to get home. He was first found in the ship’s cargo hold, having stowed away on the first thing he recognized in the strange land in which he found himself-a ship. The ship’s crew quickly became enamored of him, and he was allowed to stay, and has since made himself a valuable member of the crew.

Halvard’s main goal is to return home. Unfortunately, being one of the few Cavisek in the world with little to no navigational sense, he has no earthly idea where “home” is. This is a source of great distress and shame for him, but since the party has returned after visiting Hrafnhiem, his childhood home, his hope has been renewed.


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