Lyfnathtyrianag's Exarch, and the only male Shadowcaster of a generation


A tall, gaunt young Drow, looking around late teens. He is infrequently seen in public, and when he is, he seems nervous and ill-suited to the environment. His physicality speaks of one used to a life spent running, he reacts poorly to any surprises in his immediate vicinity.


A young male Shadowcaster, he was forced to flee Dan’Kym after he was revealed as a Shadowcaster. He was encountered by the party in Tel Ferra, where he asked Aoife if he could come with them to Syfalia, though he backed out at the last second for still-unknown reasons. He is a clever young man, paradoxically charming and timid at the same time. He still has affection for his former teammates, who he left when he escaped Lyf’s service. He was last seen leaving Syfalia alone after Aelita’s death, severely shaken by her death.


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