Lyfnathtyrianag's Exarch, and a Summoner of terrible horrors


A young girl, no more than thirteen, standing around five feet, Renee is rarely seen without a grin on her face. At normal times, this gives her a cute, innocent look. During combat, it makes her look sadistic in a way that is positively demonic on her round, young face. She wears no armor, dressed instead in plain clothes with a flute hanging from her belt.


A thirteen year-old citizen of Co’erla, she was forced to hide her magic so as to avoid being killed by the police mages. She now operates as one of Lyf’s Exarchs, and of all of her group, seems to be the one who most enjoys her work. She has also been the one least heard from in the group, but was able to battle Tearju to a standstill, which speaks volumes for her power.


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