Endless Oceans

Session 20 (level 9 & 1/3)
Back to Work
Location: Co’erla; Stadt der Recht, then Uneinnehmbar

After retrieving Adelaide and Halvard, the group collected themselves on their ship, deciding to continue with the task given to them by the Drow empress. Making their way back to Stadt der Recht, they managed to find their way not only back onto land (fortunately for them, it was a tourist city, and therefore easy to enter), but also find a waystation easily enough.

Their plans very nearly hit a snag when Tesla noticed someone openly staring at them, a young man with pleasant green eyes who walked right up to them and noted his surprise at seeing them here, of all places. He’d barely recognized them beneath their new disguises, but Aofie could tell immediately that the young man was Crimson, somehow masquerading under a different guise from before. He didn’t attempt to confront them, however, instead leaving them somewhat disconcerted and just overall confused. But with that out of the way, they found their way back to Uneinnehmbar, where the king lived, and where they had left Nyarai.

After exiting the waystation, with Halvard a little worse for the wear, the group split up to cover more ground, hoping to find hints of Nyarai, or at least of this apparent conspiracy against the king or empress. Unfortunately, little information was to be found, though the entire city seemed to be on edge; the party saw a great deal more White Clad patrolling the rooftops, and there were few people wandering the streets. After being made thoroughly uncomfortable by this, they met back up at an inn nearby the West Gate, and made another surprising reunion.

Tesla and Aofie were the first to recognize him, but the entire party realized that the young man sitting at the bar was odd, dressed as nicely as he was. He practically screamed “target” to Euphie’s thieving senses. Harken and Aofie engaged him in conversation, not letting on that they knew him, and Harken was almost immediately confronted outdoors by the young prince’s bodyguard, Isolde. Having traveled with them for a time, Isolde could recognize by mannerisms and speech patterns. After threatening his life and the lives of all his companions, she vanished into the shadows, only reappearing after prince Manuel called her again.

Leaving the prince at the inn, the party left to go examine the city one last time, and managed to actually find Nyarai standing in the Residential district, staring at the one of the houses with a strange but unidentifiable look on her face. Unfortunately, not long after they found her they were attacked by a pair of White Clad, one of whom pounced on Nyarai, stabbing her fatally while the other failed to do the same to Aofie. After a brief battle, Manuel found them with one of the White Clad (the other had escaped), and demanded that the party follow him to a safe area. Once inside his late mother’s mansion, the party found themselves in an awkward situation, where they would have to either escape somehow and risk angering the prince, or trust him with the details of their actual mission, and who gave it to them…

Session 19
Reunion (Level 9)

Location: Dan’kym, later Co’erla

After a week of fervent training under the martial masters of the Drow, Aofie, Euphie, Harken, Tesla, and Halvard had been underway back to the surface when they were suddenly struck by the return of Yorrick! After being teleported from the Order of the Harmonic Lance (under strict orders to not reveal what he had seen), he had arrived at the party’s exact location. Harken identified the effect as a high-level version of the Teleport spell, but was quickly dismissed by Nyarai, who was in something of a hurry. She continued leading them up to the surface, where they arrived near the third city, Uneinnehmbar.

Walking up to the city, the party was once again stopped by the return appearance of Xill, a merchant who had stopped them before on their way to Stadt der Recht. He revealed himself to be an interplanar merchant, purveying wares across spatial boundaries. He claimed to hail from the Astral Plane, and the group was too shocked (or, in Aofie’s case, not interested enough) to question him further about that. After a bout of window shopping, the party continued on their way to Uneinnehmbar.

Euphie quickly split off from the party to chase after a young girl Yorrick spotted who she believed was watching them, while the rest of the group followed Kaliska to the site of a slave-broker. After reaching his den, the party managed to…persuade their way inside, convincing the rat-faced proprietor that it was really in his best interest to tell them what they wanted to know. He informed them that Adelaide had been in his shop, yes, but only briefly for an appraisal of her worth as a slave. This predictably set Aofie into a rage, and she stormed out of his den before she felt obliged to murder him. The Rat-Faced man directed them to Sorrow’s Market, the largest slave market in the city.

Euphie, meanwhile, chased after the young watcher, managing to catch her fairly easily due to a disparity in skill and experience. The young girl remained stubbornly unhelpful despite Euphie’s threats and actual application of violence, and refused to tell Euphie anything. Euphie managed to get a few interesting bits out of her anyway, such as who hired her. After getting what she wanted, Euphie allowed the girl to escape with only a nasty bump on the head.

The party joined back up at Sorrow’s Market, Euphie having her found her way through the back roads and slums, they were found by Liam, who, due to their Drow enchantments, mistook them for customers of the market. He brought them to the center stage, where there were several slaves being sold at ludicrous prices, including Adelaide herself! Unfortunately, the prices at which the slaves were sold made her impossible for the party to buy, but Nyarai managed to use her control over shadows to take command of a noble’s body, causing him to buy Adelaide for them. Nyarai led the noble and his guards away from the market, where she and the party dispatched them and reclaimed Adelaide with little trouble. After a slight mishap with Adelaide’s slave collar, she was finally once again free, and Aofie could finally relax.

One quick escape from Evelyn later, the party managed to get back onto their own ship, though they had lost Nyarai during their frantic escape. Vowing to return to Co’erla and finish what they had started, the group allowed themselves a chance to recuperate.

Level progress: 9

Session 18
Bonus session III: Village of the damned
Location: Farrah Isle

A small island between Vol Torren and Tel Ferra, the group decided to stop by to prolong their journey, increasing the time they would spend with Keenan and Kyria. However, due to a rather unfortunate choice of ingredients on Yorick’s part, he and Tesla were occupied on the ship, and weren’t able to participate.

Upon disembarking, the group found a small village full of sound and joy, apparently in the middle of a festival. They quickly learned that it was the third day of the five-day Harvest Festival, and managed to get themselves caught up in the festivities in almost no time. It wasn’t long before Aofie and Euphie ran into a pair of young men offering them a place to stay. Marcus and his eternally inebriated brother Aaron brought the group back to their farmhouse (after an embarrassing incident where Adelaide tried as hard as possible to get Harken in trouble), where they met his mother and heard some local folktales, including tales of a sorceress who had made a habit of transforming villagers into skeletons or similar creatures, then spiriting them away. The group generally dismissed this as just a folktale, but their minds changed when night fell.

Aofie, Euphie, and Harken woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, finding the grounds and house covered in fog, and finding everything around them immobile. After a little dithering around, the three of them noticed a figure standing in the fog, who noticed Harken the instant he stepped out of the fog. A rough battle ensued with this creature, a pale translucent figure resembling Marcus’ mother who flung terrible green fire, and commanded impressive magic. Regardless, the three managed to take it down, destroying it utterly and causing the fog to dissipate. However, as the group noticed, the fog did not actually dissipate, but rather retreated into the northeast, toward the supposed location of the sorceress’ cave.

Waking up the brothers, they claimed that their mother had died years ago, and refused to believe that the party had (re)killed a ghost right outside their home. After waking up Adelaide, Halvard, Keenan, and Kyria, the party made their way through the forest to a cave on the northeastern section of the island, where they found the source of the pale blue aura that had pervaded the island and the fog. Once inside the cave, instead of the sorceress they expected, the instead found a young man apologizing to a ring on his hand. After a brief though fierce battle, they managed to kill the young man, shattering the ring and hopefully breaking the spell over the town, releasing all the villagers from their terrible fate.

Unfortunately, the villagers had a different definition of “terrible fate”. As it turned out, they were actually never human to begin with; when the party returned to the village, they were greeted by a terrible menagerie of undead, led by a tall and very well-armed skeleton who thanked them for their assistance in escaping the curse of the sorceress, and then informed them that if they did not leave soon, they may very well be eaten. The party agreed to leave, and also to never speak of this again.

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