Endless Oceans

Session 28
A soap opera? Tensions run high!

Location: Tel Ferra

After leaving Boethia, the party was reinvigorated with new purpose. They had a new goal in mind, and they knew how to go about it. So, with the intent of gathering Kyria to provide testimony against the Kinfolk, the party made their way back to Tel Ferra, one of the few familiar AND friendly places they knew of.

Once they had arrived, it all seemed quite pleasant. Meeting Keenan again was a happy occasion, with Tesla being overjoyed at seeing her lover again, and he even brought them Halvard, who had come to Tel Ferra in hopes of seeing the party again. As Tesla and Keenan celebrated their reunion, the rest of the party caught Halvard up on what had happened to them. He listened intently and told them that Syfalia assumed them dead, though the monarchs would certainly be glad to be wrong on this account. However, through this, Harken’s mind was elsewhere, as he knew what he had to do was going to complicate matters. In an attempt to clear his head, he decided to go on a walk outside the city, hoping also to catch sight of Tearju, who had been spotted in the area recently.

While Harken found no sight of Tearju, he managed to catch a trail regardless; not of her, but rather her magical signature, a unique mix of blue and silver. He followed it down the road a ways, making a remarkably straight path, but found that it randomly stopped at a point in the road. Fortunately, it was not without marks; Tearju had left calculations on the road, a physics equation that seemed to be calculating the location of an island to the Southwest. Syfalia.

Harken immediately returned to the party with the news, but was crestfallen when Aoife refused to believe him. There was no definite proof of this, and Aoife wanted concrete evidence of Tearju’s passing before she abandoned her current mission. Harken, felling downtrodden, left again for some black man thinkin’ time.

However, he found that he was still not alone. While sitting on a bench near the edge of town, a young girl found him, introducing herself as Aelita. She spoke to him at length about why he was sitting alone, what had happened, and why he was sad. She had a youthful, innocent take on things, and she urged him to be happy. After all, he looked like he deserved it. Yorrick watched this uneasily from a nearby tree. but said nothing to interrupt.

Meanwhile, Kyria had returned from a caravan trip, and was ecstatic at the thought of seeing Harken again. As he walked back from his thinkin’ time, she ran to meet him and embraced him, but noticed that something seemed off. He told her that he had to speak with her privately, and the rest of the party watched them walk off somewhat uneasily. In the meantime, Aoife and Euphie had been discussing Tearju’s appearance, and what that could mean. Halvard volunteered to perform an Augury for them, which they accepted. Any view of the future, no matter how vague, could be useful.

Halvard returned with a rather unsettling prophecy: Four black beasts striking at a silver tower, and a bolt of lightning that strikes the base of the tower, frightening the four beasts and seeming to fight them itself. And then, separately, five islands, connected by a web-like network of bridges, with three of the bridges breaking off and collapsing. Aoife and Euphie considered the importance of these bridges, as well as the beasts, as they brought their discussion to the nearby inn.

But with Harken and Kyria, things weren’t going nearly as well, if much clearer. Harken informed Kyria that there was no longer any fire in their relationship, and Kyria didn’t take it well. Harken attempted to argue his point unsuccessfully, which only succeeded in angering Kyria further. Their discussion became more and more of an argument until it culminated in Kyria telling Harken to leave. She turned aside as Harken walked back to embrace her one last time, which was the final straw. Kyria sank her fist into Harken’s gut, telling him once again to leave, and to do it before she took out her blade.

Meanwhile, Aoife was pouring out her troubles to Jelani, a young Drow who was on the run because he could Shadowcast (men aren’t allowed to be Shadowcasters in Drow society), while Euphie watched with some amusement. Despite this, they still heard Kyria return, slamming the door to her and Keenan’s home, and they saw Tesla being kicked out momentarily with Keenan dealt with whatever just happened. The three of them stood in shocked silence for a while until Keenan came out again, telling them that Kyria was incredibly upset, and that it might be better for them to come back later. Realizing the futility of asking her to get on a ship with Harken, they decided to give her some time for things to cool down between the two of them. Then Tesla announced she was staying in Tel Ferra!

So Aoife and Euphie went to go collect Harken and Yorrick, deciding that it would be better to leave sooner, rather than later. They found the two of them wandering around the forest and the town, respectively, and took their leave, greatly distressed over the general state of things.

Bonus Session VI
A quick distraction. The devastating Sea Serpent!
Location: High seas, Boethia

As the party sailed on the high seas, Aoife enjoying her new boat while Euphie and Tesla worked on repairing the Alchemical Golem, the ship’s obsidian plate showed an odd display; a flashing yellow light over a nearby island, with the words “warning”, and “interest” blinking over it. Deciding that it was worth a small detour to continue their exploration of the world (despite Tesla’s vehement disagreement), Aoife changed course to the new island. Yorrick remained ambivalent about the whole thing, except for the Golem. That creeped him out.

Upon their arrival to the new island, they found a huge city that spanned the entire island, and actually extended past the actual bounds of the land. But that wouldn’t have been too terribly odd, had it not been for the enormous sea serpent that was threatening a nearby section of the island. Aoife managed to see a young man trying to reason with it, and apparently succeed, causing the serpent to retreat back into the ocean. Then, during their approach to the island, the same young man (who was apparently a gnome) leaped onto their boat with the help of his enormous fish-wolf.

After a brief and somewhat tense conversation with Murian, the Guardian of the island and also the liaison with its giant ocean snake protector, the party docked at the island, going to explore the new land. Nothing of any real consequence occurred, although Murian had a hell of a time figuring out what was going on with Jormungand. When he went to see the President of the island, he was disappointed to find that the President’s choice of action was to eliminate Jormungand from the equation entirely, citing that they “didn’t need a serpent guardian anymore”. Murian was, naturally, a bit displeased by this turn of events.

However, his morose wandering led him back to the party, whom he decided were excellent choices to help him out with his sea serpent problem. Unfortunately, said problem had just decided to rear its ugly head, as the ground began to shake, destabilizing the city. Murian immediately dove to the water with his sea-wolf, heading straight down towards Jormungand’s cove, but was interrupted by Jormungand himself rushing up to the surface. He grabbed onto Jormungand’s skin, and was dragged along with him when he broke the surface, attacking the city itself.

A heated battle with the serpent itself ensued, with Murian attempting vainly to calm it down while the others whittled away at the enormous monster. Eventually their efforts were rewarded as the beast decided to retreat, with Murian (or rather, his wolf) and Yorrick hanging on for dear life. Tesla and Aoife also decided to go after them, with Euphie taking the land route. They all ended up in an underground cove, deep beneath the island. Jormungand himself slumped over in the water, collapsing under the weight of his injuries, as well as something else; a Topaz growth on his back that Tesla immediately recognized, and the others didn’t take long to remember the parasite that overtook its victim’s bodies.

Running out of options and out of time before Jormungand succumbed to the crystal, Murian ordered his wolf to return to the surface for other priests while he attempted to remove the crystal growth with magic. Amazingly, his attempt actually succeeded, but only partly. As the crystal fell off of Jormungand’s back, it collected itself beneath the water of the cove and rocketed up to the ceiling, becoming a pair of immense crystalline dragons! The pair leaped upon the party, engaging in a battle that the party managed to win, but not perfectly (though Yorrick wasn’t terribly hurt).

The parasite destroyed, Jormungand thanked the party for their intervention, and Murian for not losing faith in him, presenting the party with one of his fangs, a tool to summon him if necessary. The party and Murian returned to the surface to find Boethia still in the midst of recovering from Jormungand’s initial attack, and were greeted by the president, who insisted that Murian head down and eliminate Jormungand at once. Murian responded by smacking the president in the face with his staff, which earned him immediate retaliation from the president’s guards. The president called off his guards quickly, recollecting himself in front of the party, who then proceeded to explain what had happened down in the cove.

After describing the topaz parasite and the involvement of the Lizardfolk, the President agreed to look into this, and asked if they could bring the only known survivor of this plague, Kyria, to Boethia for questioning. They agreed to do so, and once again set on their way.

Session 27
A big decision? We'll never stop going forward!

A quiet night reigned in Hrafnheim. The party went their separate ways, shopping, exploring, musing, and were only somewhat surprised to find Evelyn’s pirate band, or at least three of them, including Evelyn herself! She apologized to Harken for the inconvenience her actions caused the party, though she refused to apologize for her actions themselves. The rest of the party was out shopping with Liam, finding various magical trinkets that suited their fancy, though none seemed to really intrigue Euphie. They also brought Tesla to meet the Sylph bookseller, though that was kind of awkward. They got a new location out of it, at least!

That night brought a great deal more excitement. While Harken, unable to sleep, paced the hallway, a voice called to him, telling him that he didn’t belong here. It said that if he didn’t leave soon, he would be killed, and it was giving him fair warning. Sufficiently freaked out by the voice, Harken awoke Aoife and Euphie, with the commotion from that bringing up a servant boy from downstairs. The servant boy probably would have gone unnoticed, had Harken not seen a magical aura emanate from him. As it was, the faint film of blood-red coming from him tipped Harken off to the boy’s true nature. After he, Euphie, and Aoife managed to convince Crimson to drop his act, he returned to his original, unremarkable form, telling them that he had been sent to gather intel, and also to “have a little fun”. He invited the party to stay for the fun if they so chose.

After Crimson’s exit, the party debated on what to do next, trying to decide whether to leave now or wait until morning. While the party discussed, Euphie became distracted by a cat flitting across the rooftops, surrounded by a golden aura. Chasing it down, the cat began speaking to her, making a deal while hinting at powers even beyond the dragons that were acting in the world. Euphie accepted, and with the cat and a new power in tow, returned to the group. The party decided to stay the night, due to exhaustion.

In the morning, the party went out towards their ship, but were distracted by a young Cavisek in priest’s robes running towards the Stormcaptain’s hall. Following him, they found the Stormcaptain leaving his hall on the warpath with the young priest quivering in fear behind him. Upon questioning the priest, they discovered that the High Shaman had been killed in the night. Realizing that the shipwrecked travelers may be looked at somewhat suspiciously for being in town right before the High Shaman was murdered, they decided that it was now a good time to leave. Euphie disagreed, following the Stormcaptain under a guise of invisibility to figure out what had happened. She arrived to find a very quiet scene, with the High Shaman’s blood scattered around in the shape of a pair of claws, not unlike sickles.

She returned to the group and reported her findings, and they went off to find their boat. Kyn found them, and led them toward their new vessel, a glorious red and silver galleon adorned with a draconic figurehead. They explored the new ship, agreeing that it was in fact the most amazing thing they’d ever seen. And, once again, setting off to sea, they resolved to see this Game through, no matter what it took.

Session 26
A world made by Dragons? The Startling Revelation!

Location: Kerej Karienth, Deep Sea, Hrafnheim

Vimal had promised them knowledge. And, though cryptically, he delivered. He told the party that he was an Ideal, a being of infinite power and perfection, whom the merfolk had begun worshiping as the corrupted image of Gystorrel. His name was Gystorrel’Karienth, and he told the party that, annoying mortals that they were, they had been lured here by Kiyami, who was irked at being sold out by her current employer. Gystorrel began a back-and-forth with Yorrick, who attempted to get as much information out of him as possible as well as distracting him from Harken, who had made his way to Kiyami.

Once he had reached her, they made a deal; one year from each of their lives in exchange for taking them back to their ship. Kiyami stole them away from the clutches of Gystorrel, who was understandably upset, and whisked them away through her own pocket dimension back to their ship, which currently lived at the bottom of the ocean, as little more than a wreckage. While Aoife had a small breakdown regarding this, the rest of the party went through the wreckage, searching for any sign of dead crew members. Seeing no one but the husk of an Alchemical Golem (which Euphie kept because of reasons), the party made their way up to the surface to see if there was any nearby land.

Though the ocean stretched on for miles around, a reassuring voice in their heads, a familiar voice, told them all that a Cavisek city was nearing, and would be able to pick them up. The voice also added that she would be on the city, and that she owed them answers. After waiting on the ocean surface for about another half hour, the floating Cavisek city-ship of Hrafnhiem approached, and took them aboard, though they did seem a little awkward about it. The party was taken to visit the Stormcaptain, an incredibly intimidating Cavisek by the name of Halbjorn, who decided that the party could stay as long as they wished.

The party was then called out to the edge of the city, where the woman in red waited for them. She introduced herself as Kynaltairnagoth, and told them that she was a being like Gistyorrel’Karienth, who entered this plane of existence at its creation, which they and six others were apparently responsible for! They were called Dragons, and each one was immensely powerful, with strength rivaling even that of a God. Kyn explained that the eight of them were playing a Game, played with an entire world, with mortal races and entire cultures acting as pieces. The party were pieces of exceptional power, called Exarchs, though they had been unaware of their status, due to Kyn’s devotion to the ideal of Independence. Kyn told them that now that they were aware of their status, they could either choose to continue playing under Kyn’s guidance, or quit the Game and live more ordinary lives.

After this revelation and a surprise visit by Kiyami, the party chose to relax in their own ways while they decided on their courses from here on. Harken and Aoife went drinking at the inn, Euphie and Yorrick went shopping, and Tesla sat on the edge of the city-ship, watching the ocean pass by. This was not a decision to be made lightly.

Session 25
The Home of the Master Race? The Incredible Undersea City!

Location: Deep seas, Kerej Karienth

After their harrowing trials at the hands of the spirits, the heroes were led by Narista away from the crystal to the Northern edge of the island, where another cliff wall faced them. Narista told them that their destination was to the north, apparently through the sea. The heroes, though uncertain of how they were going to traverse the sea, leaped off the cliff to find that they sank right to the bottom of the ocean, wrapped in a tight film of air! With the ability to walk and breathe underwater, the trek seemed much more feasible.

And they would have gotten right along their way, had Aofie not been immediately sidetracked by a kelp forest. As she pranced about, her fun was interrupted by a shadowy figure darting between the stalks. Her first guess was that the creature was a shark, and that thought alone was enough to send her back to the party, only to find that the creature was following her. It wasn’t until the rest of the group came looking for her while chopping down the kelp forest in the process that the creature came into plain sight, revealing herself to be a mermaid. Introducing herself as Anuja, she became fascinated with the party once they mentioned that they were travelers, and insisted that they return with her to the main citadel.

Upon arriving at Kerej Karienth, the Citadel of the Merfolk, the party found it to be an enormous city, sprawling along the seafloor for probably miles around. A relatively peaceful city (despite the odd looks the inhabitants kept giving to the party), the party enjoyed a brief respite from the awful things that had been happening to them. Anuja treated them to dinner, and introduced them to Dahval, a priest-in-training for the Merfolk’s god, Gystorrel.

After dinner, the party split up to gain information from the temple and various libraries of the city, on the city itself and on Gystorrel, who was apparently their god of travel and experience. After some discussing and discovery, they reconvened at the temple (partly to keep Harken from getting almost-arrested again) to discuss their findings, and were met by a priest named Vimal, who told them that he could bring them to the nearest place to where Gystorrel rested. Hopefully there they could find some trace of Akira, which was really their entire reason for coming here in the first place.

He led them down into a deep tunnel that culminated in an immense, dome-shaped chamber. A ring of sheer rock circled around deep pit of crystal, and the whole room glowed with an ethereal blue light. Vimal stated that this was the Bed of Crystal, where Gystorrel’s magic shone through the earth, appearing in physical form as the crystal. The group began to search the area while Harken decided to pray to Gystorrel, hoping for a better result than the last time, when it appeared that the god laughed at him. He was interrupted by Vimal, who began to say uncharacteristically enigmatic and cruel things before rising up to the top of the room, an odd smirk on his face.

Given the Troped inevitability of monsters rising out of the crystal pit to attack the heroes, monsters rose out of the crystal pit to attack the heroes, engaging in a pitched but surprisingly easy battle with two Crystal Elementals, who were dispatched in short order by the party. It was then that Vimal floated back down to within sight, and asked the party if they wanted to know the truth.

Session 24
Clashes and Calamity. A terrible Storm strikes!
Location: High Seas, ???

After contending with the ghost ship for a second time, the party had just begun to relax, with Katya modifying and upgrading their equipment (and Aofie discovering what exactly her sword is), and the occasional bit of witty banter being tossed about, it all seemed peaceful. However, as is the norm, it was not to last. Upon reaching the far eastern seas, a storm began to brew, quickly escalating until a near-hurricane was threatening to tear the ship to pieces. Euphie retreated to Katya’s laboratory to assist him in keeping his chemicals from setting the ship on fire, and Tesla went belowdecks to keep Kaliska and Discord under control while Aofie kept control on deck, Yorrick and Harken assisting to keep the ship from falling apart. As the storm worsened, Aofie, Yorrick, and Harken saw three immense magical auras, larger and stronger than any they’d ever seen, approach from different directions; one cloud of deep purple, moving like a stormcloud, protruding in bolts and strikes, one of sheer black, moving in gusts and gales like a windstorm, and the last one a dark, mottled green, looking like a gangrenous cloud of miasma.

The three auras clashed above and around the ship, magnifying the effects of the storm until the ship began to come to pieces around them. Just as the storm reached a terrible climax, Mortimer (the ship’s mage) ran on deck with a scroll in hand, shouting the word “Sanctuary!”, which was the last thing any of the party heard before the world went black. As darkness covered their vision, they could hear a female voice, ancient and powerful, sounding more like a crackling fire or a cry of victory than an ordinary voice, yet its words were conveyed completely clearly.

You must not die here.”

Aofie was the first to awaken from the darkness, finding herself lying on hot sand. Her companions all lay around her, and a figure approached. His purple skin revealed him to be a Samsaran, and he introduced himself as Zelasa, explaining how he found the group on the Western coast of the desert, on a cliffside no less than seventy feet from the surface of the ocean. Baffled as to how they got here, they followed Zelasa to a Samsaran city, as he explained that the Lynari desert was a place of great importance for the Samsaran people, who believed that it was the final destination for them before they broke their cycle of reincarnation and moved on from the world. The city and its people were nomadic, as is necessary in a desert, but Zelasa knew where the city currently was. Upon reaching it, Zelasa left them to return to his mercantile trade, leaving the party to seek the guidance of the city’s elder.

And elder she was. A Samsaran who was on her 12th lifetime, Narista was one of the oldest creatures that the party had ever encountered. She informed them she had been told of their coming by what she called “the Primal Forces”, eight elements that she claimed governed and even composed the world, and that apparently had told Narista where the party should go next. A bit overwhelmed by some OTHER mysterious force telling them what to do, the party decided that they needed some time to think this over. Narista agreed, and told them that they need only call upon her when they were ready, and she would show them the path of their destiny.

After some deliberation, the party agreed to let Narista lead them towards their destiny, and went with her into the desert (obtaining some much-needed healing equipment on the way, given their lack of a healer). Narista stayed silent on the journey to…wherever they were going, speaking only to stop the party when she detected something in the sand. One pitched battle against ludicrously large scorpions later (and one nearly dead Sylph), Narista found the spot, and conjured an immense crystal pillar from the sand, directing the party to meditate around it with her. Apparently, the spirits would judge them here, and if they were worthy, they would find their way to where they were meant to be. The party gathered around the circle, closed their eyes, and gave themselves over to the spirits.

Session 23
Tearju in distress! The Ghost Ship returns!

Location: High Seas, Ghost Ship

After finally leaving Co’erla and Dan’kym behind, the party was glad to be back on the seas, where they belonged. However, their good time was not to last. Only a week after setting sail, they came upon a terrible storm, bad enough to make them change course to the west to avoid it. However, even worse than the storm was the fog bank they saw rolling towards them at unnatural speeds. Remembering their last encounter with a fog bank and how it ended, they quickly moved away from it, but found it following them at every turn. Eventually the fog bank caught up to them, disguised in invisibility, and as the enormous, dilapidated ship that they feared came towards them, they saw a new sight; a crowd of dancing ghosts, surrounding the nightmarish sight of Tearju kneeling helplessly as her soul was crucified above her. The party decided that they couldn’t just leave her to whatever fate awaited her, and so they steeled themselves to once again enter that hell of a ship.

After boarding the ship and eliminating the ghosts surrounding her, the party freed Tearju from her trap, learning that she had come to eliminate the undead horror of the ship itself. Finding some common ground in a hatred of the undead, the party agreed to assist her in this endeavor. And so, with Tearju in tow, they managed to once again fight their way through the halls of the terrible vessel.

Though this time was different in several ways. For one, the ship was now sentient. The vampire that they had killed before had apparently revived the ship through his own power, becoming one with it, giving him the power to manipulate the ship in any way he wished, which he proved by creating spikes to impale the party. It did fortunately little damage, and they continued downward, into the heart of the ship, where Tearju said she could destroy it once and for all.

At the bottom of the ship, the party found a huge ballroom (that most certainly was NOT there last time), where another huge crowd of the dancing ghosts was found. They somehow pulled Tesla and Yorrick into their unending dance, who managed to make the best of it through dancebattling. The rest of the group remained unaffected, and were able to to eliminate the crowd with some trouble, but nothing too terrible.

It wasn’t until they reached the heart of the ship that things got terrible. After breaking through the floor of the ballroom, they found themselves in a room of trophies, which the ship had apparently stolen from people it had destroyed. Tearju told them to leave it to her, and the party ran through a tunnel of the ship’s making, escaping only by a hair’s breadth as the vampire-ship tried everything it had in its arsenal to stop them, while beams of pure sunlight began to stream out from it from Tearju as she broke the ship to pieces. They had just escaped the ship, finding safety back on their own ship as the entire vampire-ship collapsed in on itself, broken apart by the beams from Tearju, who rose much as an angel from the wreckage of the ship.

After being recovered from the ocean by Harken and Yorrick, Tearju thanked the party for their assistance, and expressed regret that they existed on opposite sides. She refused to elaborate about exactly what conflict they were opposed on, instead choosing to leave immediately, despite the party’s urging to the contrary. Watching her leave on her silver wings, the party once again wondered what conflict would bring an obvious warrior of the light to combat them.

Session 22 (Level 10 &1/3)
Beginning the Journey Anew
Location: Co’erla; Uneinnehmbar

After Akira’s crushing defeat, the party was returned to reality, where the king, Manuel, and the various attendants in the audience chamber were awakening. The king demanded to know what had just happened, and while the party explained as best they could with their limited knowledge of the situation, but the king, still exhausted from his ordeal, the king ordered them away while he rested, telling them to return the next day.

The party retired to the late queen’s manor, staying only briefly before they returned to 413 Rudiger Boulevard, where Harken had seen Akira enter. With little to go on, they entered the house, somewhat surprised to see Kiyami already there, rooting through Akira’s belongings! She told them that she was surprised and impressed that they had defeated Akira, and asked them if they’d be interested in ridding the world of him for good. Apparently, Kitsunes, and Akira in particular, have a habit of preparing for any eventuality, and Kiyami believed that he had a backup plan in place for his own death. She informed them that there was an island to the Northeast, a place of great power where Akira would probably have made his sanctuary. As they showed her their map, she confirmed that this island was in fact their original destination, and she told them to make haste; Akira could come back at any time, and he’d likely be stronger next time. After refusing the offer of another pact from her, she vanished into thin air, and the party resumed ransacking Akira’s home for useful items. After finding their fill of useful things, they retired back to the manor for a well-deserved night’s sleep. Nyarai seemed terribly angered by something, and declared that she would be gone before the morning. She refused to state what had angered her so much, only that it was not the party, though they were the easiest targets.

After Harken’s night-time excursion that nearly gave Aofie a heart attack, the next morning found the group making their way back to the palace, where king Anselm had prepared a massive ceremony, rewarding the brave heroes for their actions in defense of the crown, and the entire nation of Co’erla. Bestowing upon them medals to prove their heroism, and gifts of great power, the ceremony concluded with a length history of and a great deal of praise for Co’erla, which Manuel chose to ignore, leading the party away. After giving them a brief farewell, Manuel saw them off towards their ship, giving them free passage to Stadt der Recht.

Unfortunately, as has become the norm for the party by now, getting on the ship wouldn’t be so easy. They were distracted by a young woman wearing a red trench coat and fedora, who introduced herself as Altear, and told them that what they were doing would be the next step, the next chapter of their story. But before they left, she would have to test them, to ensure that they were strong enough. After a brief but fierce battle outside the city, she decided that they did indeed have sufficient strength to overcome the challenges to come, and sent them on their way. But right as she left, she seemed to forget herself for a moment, and in that moment the party was overcome by a deep, primal fear, such that they had never felt before. Deciding that pursuing this was really not worth it, they left that behind, choosing instead to empty the bank account of the noble that they had murdered previously to get Adelaide back, for the impressive sum of 8,000 platinum pieces. After a brief moral struggle, they decided to keep the money.

Once back on the boat, there was a brief bout of trouble with the imprisoned White Clad, as well as fixing Kaliska, who, through an experimental medical procedure, became horse-sized. But all hijinks aside, the group was happy to be back on their ship, and back on their way. The ocean stretched out before them, with all of its endless possibilities.

Bonus Session IV: The Naga Mother

Location: Tel Ferra

After depositing Keenan and Kyria back at their home, the party decided to wander the island for a bit, searching for things to kill time while they recuperated from their battles on the Kinfolk prison. While exploring a nearby forest, they stumbled upon a massive gemstone, roughly the size of a human head, glinting in all possible colors wherever light struck it. Immediately fascinated by it (and its potential worth), the group pocketed it with the intention of bringing it back to town to sell. Unfortunately, once they had the egg, they found that the forest wasn’t so keen on letting them go. After wandering around in circles that looked like straight lines, the party decided that they had done something wrong, and when they were considering putting the gem back, they were attacked by a Naga woman, a sorceress who nearly destroyed them before they informed her that they were unaware of the what the gem actually was, since it was an egg. Her egg, to be exact.

She told them, after calming down, that she had been attacked by poachers who had been killing her young, leaving only herself, one live child, and her last egg. She also mentioned that she was the brother of Rasisstha, the warden of the Kinfolk prison. Apparently, he was adopted. The party agreed to help her find and eliminate the ‘slayers’, as Nasissra, the Naga woman, called them.

Returning to the town, the party gathered information among the local hunters and people of the village, trying to find information about the hunters. Eventually, they found out that the there had been Gnoll hunters making odd trips into dangerous sections of the forest, the same section that Nasissra lived in. With the assistance of Garret “Nine”, they managed to track down the Gnoll hunters, leading Nasissra to them. The Gnolls attempted to kidnap Nasissra’s daughter, but the party would have none of that, chopping off the Gnoll’s hand and assisting Nasissra in eliminating the rest of the Gnolls. Nasissra collected her daughter from the party, and told them to return the next day, when she would have a suitable reward for them.

The next day, the party returned to Nasissra, who gave them a suitable reward indeed; a scale that she said would allow them to contact her if need be, which she gave to Tesla. Their sidequest complete, the party went on their way.

Session 21 (Level 10)
Lifting the Veil
Location: Co’erla; Uneinnehmbar

Standing in the late queen’s mansion with a dead Drow and a confused prince, the party confided in his Highness Manuel everything that had happened and everything they knew, starting with their actual identities. The prince seemed oddly accepting of this, but the party chalked it up to a symptom of living in a kingdom largely populated by mages. He told them that he had also seen odd things happening, and asked if they knew any possible causes, anything odd they had seen. They realized that Akira’s presence in the kingdom could be considered odd, and the prince agreed. He told them that Akira had been going through all the major cities, acting as a sort of foreign political adviser, and that the White Clad had been acting oddly since his arrival. Upon telling them this, he recommended that they find Inspector Petrus, who would be able to assist them in investigating Akira, and determining his guilt, or lack thereof.

Unfortunately, getting to the inspector would not be an easy task. With the White Clad looking for them, the group could not walk the streets safely. Manuel told them that he would be able to stymie the White Clad for a time, but he would need time to prepare. He told them that they had the house to themselves for the night, and if they needed anything, his butler Sebastian would be more than glad to accommodate them. So the group set about exploring the house, and found that in every room they checked, Sebastian was there waiting for them. No matter where they went, he was there. They decided to stop checking this, and just accept it as a matter of fact.

The next day, they had free run of the city due to Manuel running interference, and managed to get to the Police station without too much trouble. Aofie, Tesla, Yorrick, and Adelaide went inside while Euphie and Harken waited by the door, then quickly got distracted enough to go do their own things. In the station, Aofie managed to speak to the Inspector, but was distracted when none other than Akira strode out of his office, barely offering the party a passing glance, despite Tesla’s glare. After he left, Harken followed him back to one of the houses on a nearby street, though he chose not to pursue further.

Upon meeting with Petrus, the group found him to monumentally unhelpful, refusing to listen to them. However, during the exchange, Tesla noticed something odd; a faint red-gold aura hanging about him, clashing his with own deep blue. Upon relaying this message to the others after their departure, they decided to confer with Halvard and Nyarai back the mansion to plan their next move.

Once there, they decided to call Petrus to the house in an attempt to have Nyarai determine what had happened to him. After some deliberation and argument, they went ahead with the plan. Once in the house, Petrus was less than pleased to find a Drow there, and threatened to arrest them all for suspicion of smuggling a Drow into the city. A brief but heated battle in the hallway ensued, ending with Petrus unconscious on the sitting room sofa, with Sebastian lifting the curse on him.

While Sebastian ran to fetch Manuel, the party interrogated Petrus, now in his right mind, who said that he believed that Akira had enchanted him. With the crime of controlling an Inspector under his belt, the party believed that they could at least stop Akira for a time. They, their companions, Manuel, and Petrus all went to confront Akira, who Manuel said was meeting with his father soon, if not now.

They entered the Audience Chamber, throwing open the doors and shouting “J’accuse!” in an appropriately dramatic fashion, and proceeded to engage in a debate with both king Anselm and Akira, attempting to convince the king of Akira’s treachery. They had just managed this, with the king about to order Akira’s arrest when Akira declared that the king had broken his vow, whereupon the king collapsed on the ground in front of his throne.

Akira turned to the party, announced his intention to kill them, and shattered the world around them, bringing them into a different world of his own creation. A fierce battle ensued, where the party just barely managed to emerge victorious. Upon Akira’s defeat, the world he created was split in two, and the party found themselves back in the audience chamber, where everyone else was just waking up…


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