Trade central

A single immense city that got too big for its island, Boethia has extended out and past the actual geographical borders, its edges now suspended over the ocean waters. Both its size and location between many major manufacturing centers of the world give it an ideal advantage in mercantile endeavors, acting as both a rest stop and major trade hub for at least four different major nations.

The indigenous population consists mostly of gnomes, small creatures with considerable wit and intellect. It was thanks to their cleverness that Boethia became what it is in the first place, and the government still consists mostly of their kind. They command considerable influence due to their power over trading routes, though more military powers have begun to overshadow them politically.

Significant figures:

Mireen: A soft-spoken Oracle who aids the island’s guardian. He assisted the party, though there was some initial turmoil. Prone to acts of passion in defense of the island itself, and is generally distrusting of government.

President Ardal: A conniving Gnome in charge of Boethia’s government, Ardal does what he has to in order to get by. He is reluctant to get into problematic dealings with the Kinfolk due to their superior military might.

Leviathan: The guardian of Boethia, a massive sea serpent rumored to encircle the entire island. Recent scientists claim that this is impossible, as it would make the serpent over 800 miles long, although the fact that no one has ever seen its entire length would lead one to believe the rumors.


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