The Kingdom of Miracles

And the great king Manfried raised his hands to the sky and cried out to the heavens, and from his fingers poured curtains of light, which in turn created spires of stone and metal, and great sprawling streets of concrete and silver. In this manner did he create Uneinnehmbar, and took the first step toward his empire, and our glorious destiny. -Excerpt from the historical text The Land of Lords, penned by the sage Rudiger.

A nation built on an illustrious history of magic, Co’erla is a human-based kingdom that spans three major cities and collection of smaller fiefs and duchies that themselves span three islands. These islands are connected by enormous wooden bridges, constructed and maintained solely by magical efforts. These creations and more are testaments to Co’erla’s magical might, though their power has diminished over the years. Despite this, Co’erla retains an enormous military power matched only by the empire directly beneath it.

Co’erla exists on the surface layer of three separate islands, and travel between them is generally performed by magical means, with actual land travel limited only to commoners and others of low status, though merchants will frequently travel by cart so as to not miss potential customers. Most nobles and citizens of high status will instead pay for teleportation, which is accomplished by magical Waystations operated by mages skilled in Conjuration.

The kingdom itself is mainly composed of three major cities:

  • Volabend, meaning “home of the wealthy”, the main trading area and port town. Located on the shore of the western island, almost all mercantile dealing occur here. Governed by Highprince Tarquin.
  • Stadt der Recht, meaning “City of Justice”, located on the center island. Governed by highprince Julian, this city prides itself on fair, if somewhat strict laws. The only city in which slavery is outlawed.
  • Uneinnehmbar, meaning “Impenetrable”, is home to King Anselm. Located on the eastern island, most of the nobles and important figures reside in this city, as well as some of the most advanced magitechnology the world has ever seen. Though the king lives here, the day-to-day functions are governed by highprince Lebrecht.

Co’erla is also known for its strict gender roles. Within the kingdom, magical practices can only be pursued by men, with women completely forbidden from practicing Arcane or Divine magic. They are instead allowed martial pursuits, but only under the watchful eye of male masters, and they are not allowed to rise beyond certain hierarchical positions within the orders that teach these skills. Women are not allowed in government beyond petty officer roles, though many of them patrol the streets and maintain day-to-day order in the cities.


The people of Co’erla worship two main deities: Pelor, god of the sun and of battle, and Noraftir, goddess of the moon and birth. These two create a dichotomy of male and female power, though their religion holds that the brightness of the sun over the moon indicates that Pelor holds power over Noraftir, and is her master. Despite this, Noraftir has more followers within the cities, and is known as a more benevolent goddess. Pelor is a more openly worshiped god, but the followers of Noraftir tend to be more devoted overall.

Important Organizations
  • The Order of the White Clad

Important Figures:


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