Kerej Karienth

The Undersea Citadel

Located in the Northeast corner of the world, Kerej Karienth exists as a city in one of the most impenetrable locations in the world. Without fear of invasion, the city grew exponentially wide and vast, with the majority of their buildings no higher than two stories (a necessity when storms can reach down below the waves to devastate architecture).

The majority of the city’s denizens are Merfolk, with the occasional Gillman seen wandering the streets. The main form of government is unknown due to the party’s brief time spent here, but from what they saw, it’s likely a theocracy.

The predominant religion centers around the God Gystorrel, a deity of travel and experience, not dissimilar to Desna in his teachings. All priests undergo a pilgrimage before they are admitted into the priesthood proper, and must share their experiences from their pilgrimage.

Kerej Karienth

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