King Claus

“I don’t see any harm in it, so why don’t we leave her be?” -Claus, summarized.

The seventh king of Syfalia, born as Antony Van Trebond, a duke’s son. Born a second son, Antony should have received very little in way of inheritance, due to having both an older brother AND an older sister, who would have obtained the lion’s share of his parent’s belongings. Not satisfied with gaining the leftovers, Antony set his sights a bit higher: the entire kingdom of Syfalia.

Though earning the title of King is something that theoretically anyone can obtain, it is by no means an easy task. The would-be king must prove himself in three different areas, though those areas are different for each candidate. Antony was given trials of Logic, Knowledge, and Combat. In the first two trials he excelled, displaying an intellect virtually unheard of in recent years. Unfortunately, his shortcomings were made terribly obvious in the trials of Combat, where he proved himself to a completely inept swordsman. And axman. And lanceman. And archer. And really just any kind of weapon you can imagine; Antony couldn’t use any of them to save his life, almost literally. He was laughed out of the arena, though his spirit was by no means crushed. Instead, he just vowed to do what had gotten him that far; fight smarter, not harder.

And so he met Esmeralda. Look at her section for her story, because this is about the soon-to-be Claus. They joined forces after he met her traveling through his father’s land, and he offered her a deal; help him get past the third trial, and he would offer her a permanent position in the King’s Guard. She agreed, and Antony found just the loophole in the rules that he needed. The laws specified that the King must conquer the trials, but not that he must do so by himself. And so, with the argument that no king ever accomplishes anything by himself, he was allowed to be assisted by Esmeralda, on the condition that they face twice the ordinary number of opponents. Antony was worried at first, but Esmeralda quickly agreed, offering Antony a toothy grin.

It took her exactly one minute and twenty-three seconds to defeat eight opponents.

It took exactly one week for the newly-renamed Claus to fall madly in love with her.

After a long and complicated process of courtship, Claus married the then-Guard Captain, who was replaced by Jeremiah, Esmeralda’s second-in-command. Esmeralda then immediately established the Queen’s Shields in retaliation to the rule that Queens couldn’t command the Guard.

Claus VII has now ruled Syfalia for seventeen years, and those have been unparalleled years of prosperity and advancement. Still a logical thinker, Claus has been mellowed by age, and is now a very lenient ruler, though his temper has become as devastating as it is rare. Still, he maintains good relations with all reachable corners of Syfalia, as any country has good and bad points, and is known for being the first king to maintain relations with the Thieves’ Guild, which baffles them no end.

King Claus

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