The Dragon of Fire and Independence, controller of Syfalia and surrounding islands

A player in the Great Game, Kyn acts as the master of the player characters. Her current levels of power are unknown, as she has yet to have any reason to fully unleash her strength. She appears to have a great deal of influence however, having been able to supply the party with an entirely new and extremely well-outfitted vessel that is apparently capable of sailing itself.

Given her title, it can be assumed that Kyn is capable of fire, magic, as was evidenced when the party fought her briefly in Co’erla. Whether she is capable of only fire magic has yet to be seen.

She prefers to take the form of a human adult, though sex is apparently variable. Her demeanor seems kind and considerate, and she has been so far very fair in her dealings. She is responsible for most of the party’s knowledge of the Great Game.


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