Princess Adelaide

“If all I ever see is the city, all I’ll ever KNOW is the city! You can’t expect me to be as just a ruler as you are without your experience!”


A moderately tall yet somewhat wispy woman, Adelaide Victoria Esmeralda Penelope fa Syfalia is very clearly her parent’s child, with muscles almost as lean and wire-strong as her mother’s, and eyes almost as bright and calculating as her father’s. Her coal-black hair is kept short so as to prevent assailants from gaining an advantage, and sapphire-blue eyes shine with creativity and intelligence (when she’s not looking intentionally dull).


Born in the palace, Adelaide was always something of a problem child. Not quite as martially inclined as her mother, yet not quite as intelligent or logically minded as her father, she seemed doomed to be stuck in the middle all her life. She was forever sneaking out of the palace and getting into trouble in all corners of the city, which tended to drive her childhood friend Aoife insane. To be continued later.

Princess Adelaide

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