Queen Esmeralda

“If I see you hurt anyone again, I’ll tear off your arm myself. Don’t think I won’t.”


A tall, statuesque woman, Esmeralda lean figure looks every inch the martial artist that is. Her solid black hair tumbles down in waves to her mid-back, and she keeps it long to, as she says, “dare any opponent to grab it”. A pair of brilliantly blue eyes gleam in her rather pointed face, though they have a tendency to betray any emotion that crosses her mind if people care to look.


Formerly a mercenary traveling the lands of Syfalia, Esmeralda is the daughter of Matthew Triglav, famed as one of the foremost masters of the Iron Heart martial art. As such, she received the best possible training, and actually managed to improve upon her father’s art, developing new techniques herself.

She was traveling through Trebond, a small fief on the corner of the civilized portion of the island when she was approached by a young man. He introduced himself as Antony, and asked if she’d be willing to help him become king. She nearly laughed in his face. But, restraining herself, she asked what would be in it for her, to which he offered a permanent position in the King’s Guard. Seeing a good opportunity for steady employment, she agreed, and took on the deal, essentially defeating the entire trial of Combat for him. He used a rather masterful take on the rules and role of a king to make this allowable, and she had to give him credit for that. To take the laws of a kingdom and bend them to his will like that impressed her a bit.

She’d never truly enjoyed the idea of authority, or of being in charge. Esmeralda had always been a drifter, a person in charge of her own life, and no one else’s. Any group assignments were handled as quickly as possible, and with as little fuss as possible. So now, to be put not just in the King’s Guard, but as the CAPTAIN of the King’s Guard, was quite a…change for her. And not a welcome one. But it was made much easier by the introduction of a young man that she had met on the streets of the capitol city.

She had been patrolling the city as usual (normally the captain didn’t, but she’d be damned if she’d sit at a desk all her life) when she saw a mugging take place. Pretty standard deal, two young men harassing a third, attempting to steal the third man’s bag. She had been completely ready to step in and defend him when this young man, slight and unassuming, grabbed an assailant by the arm and flung him twenty feet into a wall before spinning in place and creating a whirlwind of flame to trap the other attacker. It was all Esmeralda could do not to hire him on the spot.

With the young man, Jeremiah by name, as her second-in-command, the control of the King’s Guard went much more smoothly. Even more so when Esmeralda stepped down from command to marry the newly renamed King Claus VII, formerly Antony, after a long and complicated courtship that may or may not have been reciprocated the entire time (she’ll never tell).

Queen Esmeralda

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