Tel Ferra

A small island to the direct east of Syfalia, Tel Ferra is a land populated by one small human settlement, and two larger Gnoll settlements. The three settlements have little to do with one another besides some mercantile dealings, and are completely happy that way. The streets are kept safe by a pair of bards who are suspiciously effective in physical combat, as well as musical performance. There is no travel between islands from Tel Ferra, save for recent raids by Kinfolk.


The human settlement is sized between a city and a town, and contains all the trappings of comfortable life. It contains a blacksmith, a witch selling her magic wares, and various other vendors and merchants. They have their own distinctive culture completely separate from Syfalia, due to isolation.


A city of gnolls located south of Koranth, this religious city keeps to itself and is perfectly happy with that. They worship The One Who Waits, some great shadow whose true form remains unknown. When visiting, the party found that apparently it had chosen them for some reason, and Tearju wants them dead for it, and is willing to cut through anyone to get to them.

Tel Ferra

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