Vol Tekin

Home of the Lizardmen, the Kinfolk

Unfortunately, little to nothing is known of these people, since the party didn’t come here at all. The Kinfolk are apparently somewhat accepting of slavery, since the first Kinfolk merchant the group met was a slaver. Also, they can be assumed to be a relatively violent race, due to the fact that they have an entire separate island for their prisoners and slaves.

So, in short, obviously not a terribly nice place.

Except that, surprisingly, it is a nice place. Clean, orderly, and well kept, the port city of Vel Cyrinth seems like, while not the most wonderful place in the world, it is definitely one of the nicer ones. The racism of the Kinfolk notwithstanding, there are much worse places in the world. Vel Cyrinth is built in a circular pattern, with a clockwise pattern, with the least

Vol Tekin

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