• Aelita


    Exarch of Lyfnathtyrianag, and a teenage swordmaster.
  • Aoife Dree

    Aoife Dree

    The adopted child of a Syfalian guard-captain, she has been tasked with exploring the world.
  • Breena


    Lyfnathtyrianag's Exarch, and a talented Binder
  • Buron Idelheim

    Buron Idelheim

    A man reborn into a world he plans to save, regardless of the cost
  • Christa Jaegar

    Christa Jaegar

    A human/construct hybrid, created by Co'erlan magics and packing a lot of power for her size.
  • Crimson


    An Exarch, and a fearsome assassin of the Red Mantis
  • Euphenia (Euphie) Ju'Eir

    Euphenia (Euphie) Ju'Eir

    An orphaned Syfalian thief.
  • Halvard


    An exceptionally skilled healer and storm mage, Halvard promises to be a Cavisek of great renown - if he can ever get back home, that is.
  • Jelani


    Lyfnathtyrianag's Exarch, and the only male Shadowcaster of a generation
  • Lystos Harken

    Lystos Harken

    A goofy-natured woodsman with a strained origin; the party's cartographer and survivalist.
  • Renee


    Lyfnathtyrianag's Exarch, and a Summoner of terrible horrors
  • Tearju


    Known Exarch, and powerful warrior.
  • Tesla


    A mysterious Gunslinger without a past...