“It’s just business, sweetheart. Don’t take it so personally!”

A pirate captain in charge of the vessel “Black Rose”. She has been shown to be capable of commanding great respect in her sailors, as well as great prowess in combat. Her ship appears to be a combination of raiding party and mobile brothel.

Shoulder length black hair, light brown eyes that almost seem red, and tattoos adorn her leanly-muscled body. Her clothing bristles with weaponry, and it is nearly impossible to count the pieces of her personal armory. Her favored weapons seemed to be a pair of scimitars across her back, now in Adelaide’s possession, and a single black rapier on her hip that she has yet to use in actual combat.

She’s an abrasive character, and so far seems somewhat inconsistent. She was willing to kidnap two people, but later apologized for doing so. She seems overall pragmatic, and willing to do nearly anything to get by. Not someone to be underestimated.
Charlotte by kerembeyit


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