“This is never what I wanted. Please understand that.”

One of Evelyn’s lieutenants, Reyna is a young woman in probably around her mid-twenties, with a number of scars and bruises adorning her body. She seems generally nicer than her captain, though her position as lieutenant suggests that at least most of the pirates listen to her. Her briefly exhibited skill at throwing knives suggests that her authority is backed up by skill.

Long raven black hair and piercing green eyes decorate her face, while the aforementioned scars decorate her body. She has no tattoos on her body, and wears little clothing, possibly so as to show her scars as a display of toughness. Her body looks thin and almost frail, but she has displayed impressive dexterity and agility, suggesting that she simply has found some way to disguise her muscles.

She seems to be a genuinely kind person, and doesn’t appear to enjoy the idea of hurting people, being one of the first to openly apologize for the action of kidnapping Adelaide and Halvard. A good ally to have.



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